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Please note that GMLs, Presidential Citation, District Directory, DGN Selection Procedure, DGN Pilot (7 Zones) & DGN Election Schedule and many more are available at Downloads section...
Latest Updates in the District
Major Donor Level-II
1.Dr M Padma KumariPresident - RC Vizianagaram (Paid)
2.C A G Srinivasa RaoPresident - RC Vijayawada Mid-Town (Part payment paid)
3.CA Geddam SatyanarayanaRC Vijayawada Mid-Town (Part payment paid)
4.Chaluvalli Mallikharjuna RaoRC Vijayawada Mid-Town (Part payment paid)
5.RC Vijayayawada MidtownClub Endowment
6.M Jagadeeswara Rao DGRC Visakhapatnam South (Part payment paid)
7.A Kasi Visweswara RaoRC Vizag Metro (Part payment paid)
8.RC VijayayawadaClub Endowment (Part payment paid)
9.Late PDG Ch Surya RaoPooled Endowment (Part payment paid)
10.Philip Patrick TimothyPresident - RC Visakha Port City (Paid)
11.Philip Patrick Timothy FamilyPresident - RC Visakha Port City (Paid)
12.Philip Patrick TimothyPresident - RC Visakha Port City (Paid)
13.Sarma Nimishakavi NRI Non-RotarianRC Kakinada Central (Final payment $12500)
1.Rtn.Dr. G LalithaPresident - RC EluruMajor Donor Level-II
2.Rtn.Chakka Subba RaoAsst. Governor - RC Vijayawada Mid-TownMajor Donor
3.Rtn.V V V Hanumantha RaoRC EluruMajor Donor
4.Rtn.Sapna SomaniPresident - RC Vizag Hill ViewMajor Donor
5.Rtn.K Satyanarayana (China Babu)RC Vizag CouplesMajor Donor
6.Rtn.KVNRK Atchuta RamayyaAsst. Governor, RC AnakapalleMajor Donor
7.Rtn.Pyda Krishna PrasadRC Vizag Couples (Charter President)Major Donor
8.Rtn.P V Narasimha RaoRC Vizag Couples (President)Major Donor
9.Rtn.M Satish BabuRC Vijayawada MidtownMajor Donor Level-II
10.Rtn.V S N SastryRC Visakha Port CityMajor Donor
11.Rtn.I Rama Krishna RaoRC Rajahmundry River CityMajor Donor
1.Rtn.K H V Prasad ReddyRC Maruteru
2.Rtn.M Veerbhadra ReddyRC Kakinada CentralAsst. Governor
3.Rtn.T RaviRC kakinada Central
4.Rtn.V RavikanthRC Vizag CouplesSecretary
5.Rtn.B Nageswara RaoRC Vijayawada Central
6.Rtn.V V GiriRC Vizag Metro
7.Rtn.M V V SatyanarayanaRC Vijayawada Mid Town
8.Rtn.Sudha MittalRC Visakhapatnam CentralPresident
9.Rtn.N Srinivasa KumarRC Vizag Mid Town
10.Rtn.P SanthiW/o Anil BabuRC Vijayawada Mid Town
11.Rtn.Premalatha JajuW/o Mahesh Chand JajuVijayawada Mid Town
12.Rtn.G Srinivasa AryaRC Vijayawada Midtown
13.Rtn.Pokuri Srinivasa RaoRC Vijayawada Midtown
14.Rtn.Kale Koteswara RaoRC Vijayawada Midtown
15.Rtn.A Ravi SankarRC Vijayawada Midtown
16.Rtn.Trinadha RajuRC Vijayawada Midtown
100% Member TRF Contributing Clubs
1.RC Visakhapatnam South
2.RC Vizianagaram
3.RC Gajuwaka
4.RC Eluru
100% PHF Clubs Promises
1.RC Vizag Couples
Progress as on 31-03-2016
Membership Growth567 Members
New Rotary Clubs:4RC Godavari Palakol,RC Jaggampeta, RC Diviseema, RC Nallajarla Central
New Interact Clubs: 184
New Rotaract Clubs: 49
New RCCs : 89
Polio Fund as on 31-12-2015 Top 5 Contributors
1.RC Vijayawada MidtownRs. 9,31,907/-
2.RC VizianagaramRs. 5,56,000/-
3.RC MachilipatnamRs. 4,96,100/-
4.RC PalakolRs. 3,75,000/-
5.RC AnakapalleRs. 3,51,466/-