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Rotary International
District 3020



Poosha Darbha
District Governor

Ron Burton
R.I. President





















Dear friends in Rotary!

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback some of you have sent regarding the conference - Vijayotsavam. It can be called a success only when a large majority of you have expressed satisfaction. And you did express that through so many phone calls, messages and mails. It was a success beyond our expectations. It's you who made it possible. Without your participation in such large numbers and with families it could not have been possible.

You have heard the speakers with rapt attention. You've added color and glory to the entertainment and cultural events with enthusiastic participation throughout the event. House of friendship was hilarious. Children and women seemed to have had good time too. The Rotaractor volunteers have extended a great helping hand. Thank you very much friends!! It was like a family event.

The inspirational speeches of the guest speakers still reverberate in our minds - each one was unique in his/her way. Quite coincidentally most speakers touched on the education system, values and the futility of trying to bring change in the adults and utility of impacting the tender minds of the children. Shri Lakshminarayana's simple yet powerful and practical suggestions were taken home by many. Garikipati, as usual, in his inimitable style engaged the audience for  over 80 minutes. The two speakers of the second day, Shri Gummidi Gopalakrishna and Mrs. Devi were instantly popular with the audience.

So many people apart from my home clubs (Inner wheel, Rotaract and Interact included) have contributed to the success of the conference. Several Rotarian friends within the district have patronized and otherwise expressed solidarity with me. My sincere thanks to each one of them. Overall the conference was a fulfilling experience for me and my club members becasue of your whole-hearted participation.

I shall look forward for a similar support from you in taking the District to new heights in the coming months.


Yours in Rotary Service,


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